Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #20: Selina Waterman-Smith

selina 1Name: Selina Waterman-Smith
Show: The Apprentice UK 11
Placement: 7th place

There are few villains in reality television who are so effortlessly capable in their villainy that it exudes from their entire being. Selina may not have been the most complex character of the year, nor the most cartoonishly evil, but her brand of villainy was almost perfectly fitted for the format. Once a podium dancer and performer, it’s really quite unknown how she ended up on the program in the first place but the show ended up better if only for her presence.

Selina first burst onto the radar after sparking up a feud with fellow team member Charleine, and her stardom only expanded from there. Whether it be yelling half pleas half threats at French salespeople (“MON CHIEN EST MORT! MON PERE EST MORT! MON MERE EST MORT!”) or suggesting that her driver mow down pedestrians who were in the way of her car, Selina existed as pure a villain as any reality show can get and she played into it spectacularly. One of the many, many apexes of this was when she spent an entire episode planning a children’s birthday party while also cackling about how much she hates children and understood them little, offering to fire-breathe at their party for entertainment. The next biggest apex was the episode exactly after that, where she made pointlessly mean asides at all of her team members to the point that the post-boardroom cafe spot ended with Charleine and Joseph literally screaming in her face while she sat there either correcting them on their etiquette or seemingly unperturbed by any of the attacks being thrown at her, which of course only served to mselina 2ake them angrier and louder. In fact the mere amount of rage Selina brought out in others by the mere act of existing in their presence was something to be marveled at.

Of course it was doubtful that the audience would get that much of her, given that Lord Sugar seemed out to remove her from the competition at any available opportunity. The only reason she was not an early boot the first time she was taken into the boardroom was because Lord Sugar needed that opportunity to remove destined early boot Ruth from the competition, giving her free reign to lord over the competition in every way she managed. It’s not often destined early boots extend their lifespan well into the near-endgame of a season but Selina made sure that her season was all the better for her presence.


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