Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #18: Katie Price

katie 1Name: Katie Price
Show: Celebrity Big Brother 15
Placement: Winner

In an entry that comes in stark contrast to the one published before it, Katie Price was not by any means a Big Character. In fact, taking out of the equation the entire history behind her and her contribution to British Pop Culture (which is as detailed and varied as it is long, and cannot be adequately covered in a single writeup), Katie Price was very much a non-entity for a good majority of the season. She entered late in a season ruled by Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins and did nothing to particularly challenge either of them in their power or their cliques, instead choosing to hide behind the facade of not really knowing who anyone is to make hard decisions concerning any of their fates (such as nominating Calum for eviction).

It seemed as though for most of Celebrity Big Brother 15, Katie Price existed to tell repeated stories about finding her best friend having sex with her husband, after which she would beat said friend into a pulp while she herself was nine months pregnant, or talking about ex-husband Alex Reid’s sexual fetishes, or showing off her botched boobjob for the entire house to see. But it became apparent she couldn’t remain adjacent to the house she was living in for long, as fate decreed she would collide with Katie Hopkins.

katie 2Katie Hopkins, right wing bigot, decided to one day spew rhetoric about how people on disabilities were taking taxpayers hard earned money, completely unaware or simply uncaring of the fact that Katie Price herself had a disabled child. After putting Hopkins in her place about something she knew nothing about, she decided it was the time to enter the story and bring attention to the fact that Katie Hopkins was nothing but everything she called everyone else – boring. She coalesced with Keith Chegwin to form a mighty alliance dedicated to tearing down Katie Hopkins entire image, and entire episodes would go by with Cheggers and Price talking about how awful Katie Hopkins was and removing the entire persona she had set up for herself with little effort on either of their parts. In fact, one of the penultimate episodes climaxed with Pricey screeching over Hopkins about how she was a boring old slag and she needed to shut up, in one of the most cathartic moments of the season.

This, combined with a fantastic finale edit of making Price look like a mistreated underdog and Hopkins a bullying bigot, ensured Pricey would go on to win the show in honour of every sane viewer who still watched the show, and in honour of everyone who stood against Big Brother’s perception of a Big Character. Katie Price was not a Big Character, but she was the perfect opposite – she was a Good Character. A character who didn’t spend half their screentime screaming or stirring up drama or creating “Moments”, but instead used the time given to them to create fantastic moments, interact with good to fantastic characters, and eventually win over her enemies in a television moment that was almost transcendental. There’s an entire history behind Katie Price and her impact on the landscape of 2000’s UK, but none of it was essential when it came to Katie Price’s fantastic showing on Celebrity Big Brother, earning her a spot in the upper rankings of this list.



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