Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #16: Brian & Cynthia

Brian CynthiaNames: Brian Boyd & Cynthia Boyd
Show: The Amazing Race Canada 3
Placement: 6th place

While technically not as entertaining as fellow team Nic & Sabrina, Brian & Cynthia provided content and likability in a different way, a way that’s particularly hard to describe. Billed as a pair of strict gruff married police officers from Manitoba, one could even describe them as boring if the first two legs were any indication. They didn’t exactly have the most bombastic personalities, nor did they light up the screen with their interactions, but the way they carry themselves throughout the race and throughout their interviews lends itself to a drier, more unusual type of entertainment that not many people before or after them have been able to replicate or inhabit.

To put it bluntly, Brian & Cynthia were an unusual couple to watch on The Amazing Race. They were funny, containing that dry entertainment mentioned in the previous paragraph in their humour and jokes, but it was offset by the way they carried themselves so seriously throughout the race. More often than not Brian would tell a lame “dad” joke and often try to pass it off as though it was the funniest thing alive, but in a subtle way. Or he would try and pass some small revelation off as something hugely important, like them trying to hide the fact they were police officers in a police task, with a literal wink to the camera. Cynthia was much the same, but carried herself (and more often and importantly, their team) with more authority and aimed her barbs more at her husband than at situations or other people.

Brian Cynthia 2These two personalities combined gave off the image of married police robots, and in a good way. They were definitely one of the most likable teams of the season because of their affect and it was enjoyable to watch them succeed at the race – they pulled off several 2nd-place finishes and considering who their competition for first often was it was disheartening to see them never land a win, even more disheartening to see them become one of the many teams to have been beaten by Gino & Jesse in a race for last place overseas, and most disheartening of all to see their elimination continue a trend of fantastic teams being eliminated well before their time in their season.

Brian and Cynthia aren’t exactly a typically entertaining Amazing Race team, but they were definitely a unique team in the pantheon of teams that have race over the years, and its their uniqueness and likability that earns them a spot high on this list.


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