Top 62 Reality TV Stars of 2015 – #17: Yasmeen Ojeleye

Name: Yasmeen Ojeleye
Show: King of the Nerds UK 1
Placement: 7th place

For a particularly good cast, it’s a tough act to single out exactly who is the best of them all and highly exactly why, and what makes them so much better than the others. For Matt, it could be his understanding of the show and the genre and playing to the cameras in an almost perfect way. For Kenny or Kerry, it could be their inherent likability mixed with a lack of flaws besides lack of screentime. For Yasmeen, and for this list, it ended up being a case of someone who was inherently suspicious and distrustful of literally every single person she shared her team with in contrast with the bizarre family vibe they put off.

Maybe it was because she wasn’t picked for her team in the first place and was in fact the only person in the season who didn’t get picked for a team and instead had to pick their team that she so completely lacked her ability to gel with them. Maybe it was because her team, Team E.V.I.L,  were all undercover duplicitous compared to Defenders of Time’s outward scheming and it drove her up the wall because nobody would own up to it in any meaningful way. Maybe it was because they were all either boring beyond belief or had bizarrely forced personalities compared to Yasmeen and her overt intense glaring, raw and real personality, and complete and utter disdain for them and their fakeness. Or maybe it was because Yasmeen was just, at her core, purely entertaining television, and the rest of the Team E.V.I.L. were, matter of factly, not.

Screenshot (990)Whatever the reason, Yasmeen was the star of nearly every episode she found herself in. Once again, a team as duplicitous in their blandness and forced feel-good-ness as Team E.V.I.L. needed someone constantly at their sided needling them because of how over them she really was. While Defenders of Time were a great team and carried half the screentime of the show, there needed to be at least one person on the team of bland people to provide any sort of running plot for a potential loser falling short at the final hurdle, and Yasmeen was there to throw shade indiscriminately at all of them for the benefit of the audience. She was the one who let the audience know that Emily was a shady witch and that Mark was a pompous buffoon when not even the show would admit it, she was the one who needed to be so indignant at the fact she got beaten by the two of them that her own last words got cut off violently mid-credits, and she was the one who set the tone for Matt’s victory in the finale by throwing herself at his side and earning him an essential point for him to win the show.

Yasmeen was a treasure of a reality television contestant and simply made the season better for every episode she was on screen.


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