Podcast #111 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 1 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the premiere of Amazing Race 28! In this episode:

  • We start the season by revealing the one website that is sadder than ours.
  • Find out why no-one is a Scout Master, disappointingly.
  • We reveal how one team’s family may have changed the entire plans that producers made for the season opening.
  • Logan has an interesting theory as to why the Facebook page is overly negative.
  • Fantastic intros and where to find them.
  • Michelle notices some smiles.
  • We mourn the lack of simultaneous headturns.
  • Logan still only owns a flip phone.
  • One team is compared to two people from The Office.
  • One team is already the editors’ favourite.
  • Who has been cast in Sister Wives?
  • We reveal (genuinely) how production made sure that no-one got a flight advantage.
  • Michelle compliments Mexico City Airport’s cleaners.
  • The Mole becomes relevant.
  • We talk about “News Harry Potters”.
  • Everything is colour-coded.
  • We actually DEFEND the Instagram Models.
  • We pitch the next gimmick season.
  • Logan pre-empts the chat about kids’ toys.
  • There’s more wonky helmet action.
  • Someone sounds a bit like Rupert Boneham.
  • Lame CGI.
  • One Racer joins the production of TAR Canada 2.
  • We answer the ultimate question – is one Racer going to die on the Race?

Episodes are recapped every Sunday(-ish)!


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