Podcast #113 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 2 Recap

Michael, Logan, Ben & Michelle return to recap Amazing Race 28’s second leg and visit to Cartagena, Colombia! This week:

  • Logan becomes the typical Canadian, whilst justifying his vegetarianism.
  • Production get a lot of praise for including two things that should appear at the start of every episode of The Amazing Race.
  • Ben enjoys our preview podcasts as much as some of the cast this season.
  • Someone is christened “the living embodiment of anyone who is on Big Brother”.
  • Editors threw us off with the flight booking this leg.
  • We delve into the history books to explain why Brazil’s Amazing Race means we should probably have pre-booked taxis when the Race is in less safe countries.
  • TAR(US) history is made with the visit to Columbia, but just how unique is a visit there by Amazing Race?
  • Ben displays a wonderful aptitude for the Spanish language.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is in the Roadblock.
  • Michelle says something dirtier than the mud pit where the Roadblock takes place.
  • There’s some Survivor chat, thanks to two magic words – ear canal.
  • Michelle and Ben both get new job titles for the podcast.
  • One team is compared to Sukhi & Jinder?
  • Who is the new Denise off of James Earl? (no, really!)
  • The Speed Bump is back to sucking, so we pitch replacing it with Israel’s KWAZY (with a backwards ‘w’) penalties instead.
  • We try and convince Michelle to emigrate.
  • Ben voices some conspiracy theories about the Roadblock.
  • All our issues from the past week boil down to A LACK OF COMMUNICATION.
  • Which Survivor: Guatemala contestant would have rocked the Detour.
  • A Saturday Night Live sketch gets reimagined, thanks to one Racer’s oversharing this week.
  • Why producers wanted to avoid a Vietnam situation at the Pit Stop.
  • Someone impersonates Batman as a tattoo artist.
  • We speculate how Racers were protected at the Roadblock.
  • How one Racer wasn’t even on the level of an Apprentice UK contestant.
  • We give two suggestions for what the theme of this season should actually be.
  • The listener questions get far too revealing for their own good.
  • Michael reveals a surprising ritual that he has adopted from TARC3.
  • Michelle pulls up one team on their shelter building.
  • Ben ranks premieres.
  • And the episode ends with two interruptions.

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