Podcast #114 – Hell’s Kitchen 15 Episode 6 Recap

Ben Powell & Heather Nicole Smith return to recap the sixth episode of Hell’s Kitchen 15! This episode:

  • Ben shows his true colours and uses cliches to talk about Survivor.

  • Who would be this season’s Miss Congeniality?

  • We spare a thought for the people of LA having to drive past the challenge.

  • Ben doesn’t work in retail, but he has seen Project Runway.

  • Who is flatlining, only a third of the way through the season?

  • What is the difference between a ‘good’ edit and a ‘sympathetic’ edit?

  • Ben makes an out-of-context joke (not for the first time for someone from one of our podcasts this week!)

  • Ben reacts to Teens React.

  • Ben & Heather’s sangria experiences are put under the microscope.

  • Heather recommends some favourites from past seasons for Ben to look out for.

  • Ben takes Jackie’s side for once (briefly).

  • Ben reveals what he’d put up with chefs doing to his food.

  • Who gets blamed for all the screw-ups?

  • Heather admits it when something is her problem.

  • Who’s a yeller?

  • The return of Best of the Worst!

  • What makes editors do a Scooby Doo impression?

  • Why is Hell’s Kitchen not Survivor?

  • Someone’s airtime is compared to a Community B-Plot.

  • CGI Brett makes a return.

  • Ramsay makes more reactions than necessary.

  • Heather is very non-committal when predicting things.

  • And Heather only has one reason for supporting anyone.

Black Jacket Prediction

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