Podcast #115 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 3 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back to recap Amazing Race 28’s third episode and second leg in Cartagena, Colombia. This week:

  • Logan opens the episode with another statement.
  • Production are shoehorning hashtags into episodes again!
  • We explain why the eliminated team REALLY lost.
  • A classic impression is wheeled out to prove why a pre-season comparison for one team may have been *slightly* wrong.
  • Logan campaigns on behalf of the internet for two Colombian references to be made.
  • There’s a lesson on Kiwi Linguistics.
  • Why this cast should have listened to one of our podcasts before they left for the Race.
  • Logan & Michelle decide to announce what they’re sending to Michael for his birthday.
  • Michelle calls one Racer out on her broken promises, whilst Logan is distracted by The Mole.
  • Editors disappoint Michael after he sung their praises last week, but there’s a chance for redemption next week!
  • We suggest a greeter next time Race visits The Netherlands.
  • Volume control becomes a topic again.
  • There’s a glorious return for the idea of adding sarcasm to a scene to make it hilarious.
  • An inanimate object gets a villain edit.
  • We extol the virtues of bickering, and explain why this season might not be working, despite production’s best efforts.
  • Find out whether the boot order could reach Canada 3 levels.
  • Where did the wasted food from Leg 2 go?
  • Logan suggests a post-season compilation video.
  • Find out what should have been the episode title.
  • Logan mixes up a rapper and a robot dog.
  • Michelle is a girl.
  • Which twist *actually* went unaired?
  • Michelle wants more people to face their fears.
  • There’s two upcoming celebrations.
  • Logan’s blog finally comes back to bite him. Twice. In less than a minute.
  • Michelle tries to badmouth video games.
  • And editors have been playing a wonderful long game (which is greatly appreciated).

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