Podcast #118 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 4 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race 28’s visit to Geneva, Switzerland. This week:

  • Michael becomes the first Centurion, but how long will Logan wait?
  • Logan wants to address something…again!
  • There’s no references to TAR’s last visit to Geneva.
  • Find out what really happens on Lake Geneva.
  • Logan’s grandmother is basically Swiss (despite running from the Mafia).
  • Something bad happens for the first time all season.
  • Our nerd flags fly high (and so does someone else’s).
  • We rank Australians.
  • Logan compares a showmance to a 90s boy band.
  • There’s zero flight intrigue.
  • Producers defy what they and old contestants have been saying for weeks.
  • We reveal what country Switzerland is in and explain why that question appeared.
  • Why have producers been burying teams?
  • We come up with a less nauseating ‘ship name.
  • Redditors get a new question to ask on the next Amazing Race AMA.
  • Was the overnight rest basically a Bushtucker Trial for one Racer?
  • Which former Racers would not have approved of the Big Brother Canada twist this year?
  • Logan complains about Detour names.
  • There’s dirty jokes ahoy thanks to one detour.
  • The chessboard complaints are debunked.
  • How the Bench task should have been harder.
  • CBS get a new procedural drama.
  • Logan would have been a cocky bastard at the Roadblock.
  • Why the Roadblock made some Racers ungrateful.
  • Burnie puts a ring on it.
  • French Pokémon are invented, much to Sir Mixalot’s delight.
  • Logan hates eight-ways.
  • The prizes are still pitiful.
  • The ending was completely illogical.
  • What the most troubling sign for the season may be.
  • And your questions get answered.

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