Podcast #119 – Hell’s Kitchen 15 Episode 8 Recap

Michael & Heather return to recap the eighth episode of Hell’s Kitchen 15! This week:

  • The previews didn’t lie…again!
  • Heather suggests an upcoming preview.
  • The response to the elimination decision is…interesting.
  • Why Manda is getting a huge winners’ edit.
  • What behind-the-scenes information may mean that one chef gets a helping hand after the season.
  • Hell’s Kitchen goes a bit Survivor Africa.
  • We look ahead to Jackie being given a bow and arrow.
  • Who had one good moment in a really bad episode?
  • Kristin teaches us about premium Israeli cous cous.
  • Someone gets the munchies.
  • Chad’s misfortune is our pleasure.
  • We speculate wildly on the mystery fifth protein.
  • Heather distinguishes between land fish and sea fish.
  • The editors had so much fun with this week’s episode, but has there been a change in staff between seasons?
  • Why Amazing Race 28 has taught Michael not to mess with the Marines.
  •  None of the black jacket predictions go home for once.
  • Heather reveals the pledge that she says every day.
  • Cameron Johnson’s Survivor blogs are still awesome.
  • What happened when Sous Chef Christina tried to cook pizza?
  • Editors have been learning from other shows this year about how to throw shade.
  • Heather compliments Joe & Chad, Ben be damned.
  • Hassan is the new James Miller.
  • Heather debunks the theory that women are hard to work with.
  • Why the preview may be lying…again.
  • And we analyse the black jacket predictions, as well as play the new game – guess the next four to go!

P.S. Everything is dead.

Black Jacket Prediction

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