Podcast #120 – Amazing Race 28 Episode 5 Recap

It’s a shorter podcast than normal this week, as Michael, Logan & return to cover Amazing Race 28’s leg in Chamonix, France! This week:

  • Why couldn’t Racers be trusted to drive themselves?
  • Amazing Race loves giving teams baguettes.
  • Logan loses his TARstorian credentials.
  • Ben & Logan debate the merits of different Stallones.
  • Ben compares parent-child teams and explains why this cast isn’t *so* bad.
  • Why dropping the clue may have been even stupider than originally thought.
  • Who is the K’Naan of the Mythical World?
  • Why Ben would use the internet’s favourite horror character to improve this leg.
  • Logan is behind on pop culture.
  • Begging for Baguettes, with Denise Williams.
  • We turn an early noughties singer elderly, thanks to a new impression.
  • Ben asks us to focus on him.
  • Logan wants more explosions and sound effects.
  • Ben hasn’t seen a building collapse.
  • We talk Survivor rumours, thanks to Australian TV.
  • The mention of a figure from Ben’s cast makes him talk about narcissists.
  • There’s a staggering amount of Star Trek knowledge on show.
  • We force Phil to pick a favourite.
  • Producers still love “All-Stars?!”.
  • The listener questions become a bit pandery.
  • And Ben learns a new word.

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