Podcast #121 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 6? Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race 28’s sixth episode and visit to Yerevan, Armenia, which aired on CTV in Canada on Friday March 18th! This week:

    • Logan becomes a Centurion, so we look back at the first ever podcast.
    • There’s minutes of fun as two colourblind people try and describe the Armenian flag.
    • Phil introduces a FRIENDS cast member, which gets awkward when Michael explains what he’s been up to recently.
    • Producers go overboard on the sponsorship and completely sell out.
    • One team gets swapped out for their predecessors to make the season both good and fun.
    • Logan has never seen anyone get *this* excited by Caucasus culture.
    • Will this week’s Overnight Rest manage to outdo the stories from Season 26?
    • Find out which drama series is a documentary in Canada.
    • Logan envies only one thing about Dutch people.
    • Someone threatens to take Rupert Boneham’s crown.
    • One person’s career gets them a penalty.
    • Someone gets an invite to a dinner with a “yummy mummy”.
    • Logan talks about Pakistani Survivor.
    • Amazing Race 27’s controversies return, thanks to a couple o’ Bros wearin’ hats.
    • We pitch a pun to Phil.
    • And one person’s mild-manner reputation is lost forever.

We’ll be back in two weeks’ time for more recaps! Happy Easter!


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