Podcast #122 – Amazing Race 28 Episode 6 Recap

Michael, Logan, Ben & Michelle return to recap Amazing Race 28’s ACTUAL sixth leg, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia! This week:

  • There is the glorious return of the Lonely Planet theory.
  • Find out how HaMerotz would do an Italian leg.
  • Ben renames the podcast.
  • Michelle tries to justify one Racer’s sartorial choices.
  • We do away with the Express Pass, and suggest a much better alternative.
  • Ben learns about traffic-calming measures.
  • Why producers may have watched The Mole during the March Madness break.
  • Ben is a merman.
  • Logan’s family may be boomerangs.
  • Michelle uses the Cascade to sacrifice herself for the good of HaMerotz LaMillion.
  • There’s a warning for next week’s episode.
  • Michael has a disturbing theory about the memory challenge – look away, fans of decent challenges!
  • Ben reveals his plans for Australian Survivor, which turns into the revelation that he’s been helping a rival podcast.
  • What is the Caucasus version of Amazing Race’s Oriental theme?
  • Is time travel the reason that Amazing Race Canada is reluctant to leave its borders?
  • After 122 podcasts, two contributors have secret skills revealed (and taken out of context).
  • Logan gets educated on Canadian cinema.
  • Ben reveals the extent of his homosexuality.
  • Michelle finds out Australia’s Eurovision entry…LIVE!
  • Our favourite crime-fighting OBGYN joins House of Cards.
  • One team goes a bit western.
  • Why five teams received a potential winners’ edit.
  • Producers channelled Galavant for this week’s prize.
  • Our main gripe about the season returns.
  • And the question of our time is answered – just what would HaMerotz do?

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