Podcast #123 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 7 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back to recap Amazing Race 28’s visit to Tblisi, Georgia! This week:

  • Michael & Logan hit 100 podcasts together.
  • Find out how Michael prepares the intro each week (and what Ben’s intro would have been if he’d have joined us!)
  • Phil gets an Australian nickname, before going a little bit Wu.
  • There’s a cameo from a Survivor, thanks to him having already been to Freedom Square.
  • A taxi driver attempts to fat-shame.
  • Find out why Michelle is Shola.
  • Phil gets bored and starts messing with teams whilst they’re racing.
  • Logan nearly guesses a HaMerotz task from their Georgia legs.
  • Michael’s favourite impression returns, thanks to Georgia Spas.
  • The three-legged race champions of this season are crowned.
  • Michelle pleads for someone to get a bit more stabby.
  • Find out what it still popular in Canada.
  • One task goes a bit Aladdin, and Michael has a giggle fit.
  • Logan exposes a record that turned this episode from Bloody Fingers 101 to Bloody Fingers 104.
  • How do you pronounce Caucasus?
  • The successor to Hayley & Justin is crowned.
  • Whose skillset is almost perfect for this detour (minus the crime-fighting)?
  • Why should Phil be given a megaphone next season?
  • Logan can’t tell cats & dogs apart.
  • We compare dance routine tasks from TARs gone by.
  • Who would have been in Jack & the Beanstalk had they done the Roadblock?
  • Why didn’t Blair step up and dance?
  • Dana likes dancing.
  • Someone actually goes a bit Rupert Boneham.
  • Why was this week’s prize basically to Canada?
  • Phil channels Rachel Reilly.
  • Michelle feels left out, thanks to stats.
  • And who is actually getting a winners’ edit?

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