Podcast #124 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 8 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race 28’s eighth episode and visit to Dubai! This week:

  • Find out why Ben & Michelle didn’t join us.
  • The discussion about teams driving themselves hits a bit too close to home.
  • How would all-female teams have received the Bedouin clue?
  • Logan loses a pun-off.
  • Michael would have made a surprising detour choice.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio plays video games.
  • Logan talks about Peruvian massages.
  • Who is nature’s jerk?
  • There’s some oddly specific fears.
  • Why do our favourite Amazing Race Canada team not have Twitter accounts?
  • We discuss lapsed sponsorships.
  • Logan tries to use our Vancouver meet-up to explain why Michael’s family would melt in Dubai.
  • Why is Dubai a favourite of international Races?
  • We try to outdo Phil when talking about waterslides.
  • Find out why Logan needs to visit a water park.
  • Logan explains why skydiving in Dubai is dangerous.
  • We mourn another one-season French wonder.
  • Logan is a complete disappointment.
  • Someone makes an angry duck face.
  • There’s a clear winner in a pun race.
  • Logan creates an alternative detour, sponsored by Dragon’s Den.
  • One Racer doesn’t know the English word for “helmet”.
  • Which Racer is basically Adam Sandler?
  • The Express Pass is a gamechanger again.
  • Logan badmouths Phil again.
  • Why would an alternate-timeline Burnie have him being cryogenically frozen?
  • Who are the most stressed Racers ever?
  • One team’s winners’ edit is revealed.
  • And Sassy Phil returns.

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