Podcast #127 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 9 Recap

Michael, Logan, Ben & Michelle return to recap Amazing Race 28’s ninth episode and visit to Bali. This week:

  • There’s three – count ’em, three – jokes about Indonesian law.
  • Logan has a movie unrecommendation.
  • Michael reveals the next Amazing Race blog to go on the website (featuring an impression).
  • There’s the wonderful return of awkward product placement.
  • Logan accidentally knows Amazing Race Australia 2 spoilers.
  • What are the two highlights of Amazing Race Australia 1, at least according to Michael?
  • Obvious editing tricks reappear.
  • Cutbacks affect the season again, as Racers carry another season’s sloppy seconds.
  • Someone wins an Express Pass.
  • We rapidly age Tyler, to update his references.
  • Ben grows tired of the constant nerdy jokes.
  • Phil returns to his scary ways, thanks to a HaMerotz penalty.
  • Workout equipment comes to life.
  • Logan locks one team in the Water Temple.
  • Ben references a sixties sitcom.
  • Michelle is a sound effect snob.
  • Logan petitions for more comic book references.
  • Ben & Logan make some gastly puns.
  • There’s a shocking addition to the “supportive partners” list.
  • There’s a huge divide in the camp over the subject of cheese.
  • How could Rachel have not done the first Roadblock?
  • Michael has a surprising amount of knowledge about alcohol for someone who doesn’t drink.
  • Logan channels Hellboy to talk about the salt roadblock.
  • Kite fixers are SO RUDE.
  • The editors are getting ridiculously sneaky with their jokes.
  • Someone has made slayed dragons before.
  • The new Reporters are crowned.
  • There’s live maths!
  • The eliminated team get cut adrift, and underrated shows finally get the love that they deserve.
  • Survivor’s art department get some love.
  • The Yes Chef curse of predictions strikes again.
  • After our discussion last week, Michael finally has some news about driving cars.
  • Ben’s Romansch studies are functionally useless.
  • Michelle gets excited about Game of Thrones.
  • Logan is a bit self-centred.
  • Ben wants a neanderthal.
  • Amazing Race Australia gets a new subtitle.
  • And we teach superfans to stop being awful people.

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