Podcast #128 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 10 Recap

Michael & Logan return for their hundredth podcast together to recap Amazing Race 28’s tenth episode and second leg in Bali, Indonesia! This week:

  • Logan’s finale plans are accidentally revealed, as are our special season finale guests.
  • Who would be the most awkward team to interview?
  • One Racer has to earn Michael’s forgiveness.
  • Sunburns are compared, as are adverts.
  • Why did teams start so closely together?
  • How did “Blodie” get their nickname?
  • The lines between fake and real recap podcasts blurs for Logan.
  • Logan is held accountable for his TARstorian blogs.
  • Kaoh Rong is so right.
  • We rank monkey appearances on TAR.
  • What is actually in Balinese face cream?
  • The Parisian rap cliffhanger returns.
  • Bertram’s mysterious past is revealed.
  • Dana mothers animals.
  • After a hundred podcasts together, Michael & Logan fight to make the same joke.
  • We talk a little bit of Big Brother Canada, as Michael has some behind-the-scenes intel.
  • Logan demonstrates his ability to count from one to seven.
  • Team photos get critiqued.
  • Logan wants to pull an “FU-Turn”.
  • The U-Turn strategy is oddly familiar.
  • We predict whether one Racer will be able to close their thighs.
  • All the worst people are vegetarian (aka Logan = Hitler).
  • Which Race alumna has a giant picture of herself in Sudbury?
  • We google the surf instructor.
  • Michael worries about knees.
  • We have some empirical evidence of how the U-Turn would have gone down in an alternate universe.
  • Records can still be broken.
  • One team is offered a double double.
  • Logan learns an English idiom.
  • Is there a twist coming?
  • Why didn’t Brodie & Blair date?
  • And is TAR a strategy game or a competition show?

If you missed it, Michael blogged about where Amazing Race Canada stands after three seasons, and this can be found at rtvwarriors.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/t…n-the-brink/


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