Podcast #129 – The Amazing Race 28 Episode 11 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the eleventh leg of Amazing Race 28 and its visit to Shenzhen, China. This week:

  • Logan goes very Canadian when talking abote hashtags.
  • Do production listen to our podcasts?
  • Michael & Michelle talk Disney.
  • Logan gets his references to old TV programmes slightly wrong.
  • Michelle gets picky with flight times, then about camerawork.
  • Someone gets distracted by something shiny.
  • How should production have added fun to the first route marker?
  • Logan wants some inconvenience.
  • One team channels Brian & Cynthia.
  • The MVPs of the season are crowned.
  • Someone gets to be Kilgrave.
  • What change should be made for Season 29?
  • Superfans should know better.
  • Logan’s impressions are all the same.
  • One team goes into the record books, regardless of the final result.
  • A chat on rain becomes a showcase for terrible impressions.
  • We reveal the unaired leg prize.
  • And which team REALLY brought in the most new viewers?

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