Podcast #130 – The Amazing Race 28 Finale Recap

Michael & Michelle return for the final time this season to recap Amazing Race 28’s season finale and leg in LA & Santa Barbara. This week:

  • The first stories from Logan’s adventures in LA are out.
  • Michelle loses the chance to correct Michael.
  • There’s more discussion about what not to put in Racers’ bags.
  • One Racer had mice in his hair.
  • Michelle compares the first Roadblock to I’m a Celebrity…Australia.
  • How did the Live Sightings factor into the first task?
  • What is the main difference between editors in the US and Canada?
  • Are you a dinghy?
  • We defend the winners and explain why their edit may have been disingenuous.
  • There’s the glorious return of terrible Australian accents.
  • Should you race with your significant other?
  • Michelle learns about decoy teams.
  • One team follows Mike Skupin’s advice.
  • Logan’s past comes back to haunt him, even though he couldn’t join us.
  • We look ahead to Amazing Race Canada 4.
  • Winner Quotes, aka why Gino & Jesse suck.
  • And records are broken this week, but can one record ever be broken again?

Thank you for your support this season – we’ll be back in the off-season for some special podcasts, before the Canada train rolls back into the station in June!

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