Podcast #131 – Logan in LA special

Michael begins the off-season by celebrating the return of Logan from his adventures in Los Angeles, visiting both the Amazing Race and Survivor finales! This week:

  • Justin tries to make everything awkward.
  • Logan makes insensitive arson jokes.
  • We look ahead to all the upcoming Amazing Race seasons.
  • There’s a perfectly respectful discussion about how Logan’s Editing Analysis blogs went this season.
  • Logan makes Michael take all the credit.
  • Logan vs the LA transit system: who will win?
  • We swap Universal Studios Hollywood stories.
  • The story of the Survivor Finale is revealed.
  • English or Australian? It’s so confusing.
  • There are far too many instances of the phrase “badass bitch”.
  • Exclusive stories from the Survivor afterparty.
  • Who would Logan accept a “two-bite brownie” from?
  • For the first time in 110 podcasts, Michael is rendered speechless by a story from the TAR finale party.
  • Face cream eye rolls.
  • What is the barometer of a good joke for our podcast?
  • One Racer’s husband becomes Logan’s favourite.
  • There’s poetic justice for an early-season joke.
  • Logan is confronted by two Racers who have been on the receiving end of our jokes.
  • Logan is such a big deal.
  • Some of Logan’s photos got shown to Michael’s family.
  • Who was the one person who Logan needed some Dutch courage to meet?
  • “Jon Montgomery” crashed the TAR party.
  • The exits were all blocked until one person talked to Logan.
  • Who got star glittered?
  • Logan tries to get Obama to give him a lift home.
  • And an olive branch is extended.

Thank you to everyone involved in making Logan’s visit happen!

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