Podcast #133 – Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 1 Recap

Sorry it’s a bit late! Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s first episode and visit to Yellowknife, NT and Jasper, AB. This week:

  • Find out where on Earth the new theme music came from.
  • Producers are damned with faint praise.
  • Emmett is Public Enemy.
  • Yellowknife is a very depressing place for one podcaster.
  • Why was our preview like a Harry Potter book?
  • Whose intro should have featured trenchcoats?
  • Logan was wrong.
  • One of Michael’s comparisons came true.
  • Stéphane is Dennis Hopper.
  • Which team are Lisi Linares’ inspiration?
  • Why is one prize really not as good as it sounds?
  • Why do we hope that it is not the “Toughest Race Ever”?
  • Captain Obvious gets a stunt double.
  • Only one bank gets the Podcast Seal of Approval.
  • How would HaMerotz have done the first Roadblock?
  • We defend quitters.
  • Production jokes make a glorious return.
  • Logan tells depressing anecdotes.
  • The new Shahla & Nabeela are crowned.
  • One team’s historical comparisons get fact-checked.
  • The leg prize heralds the return of our favourite running joke.
  • And was it the right move to quit the Roadblock?

We’ll be back to Wednesdays every week now!


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