Podcast #134 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 2 Recap

Michael & Logan to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s visit to Calgary, Alberta! This week:

  • We worry for TARC’s future when there’s no dance tasks for two legs.
  • Does Vietnam do fan dances?
  • Find out why Sudbury sucks, unlike Jasper.
  • Which two teams legitimately kicked ass last week?
  • Michael issues a challenge…and then promptly retracts it.
  • There’s evil mayoral twins and litigious theme parks.
  • Why does Amazing Race Canada hate firefighters?
  • What good lessons has Amazing Race Asia taught us?
  • Logan reveals his biggest Amazing Race Canada fear.
  • Which team needs to avoid James Duthie?
  • Michael tries his best not to stalk a former TARC Racer.
  • Why might producers have been worried about the bus task?
  • Logan compares Canadian hate figures.
  • Who would the Express Pass deal actually benefit?
  • Which detour was a terrible choice?
  • Would production have tried more express passes?
  • Which team were channelling the Williams sisters?
  • We celebrate the glorious Wu-turn of our favourite host on Friday.
  • One team commits a double Race faux-pas.
  • We compare all-female teams.
  • Michael has some stories from ‘Nam.
  • And surprising US switchbacks.

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