Podcast #137 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 5 Recap

Michael & Logan return for this slightly delayed recap of Amazing Race Canada 4’s fifth episode, and visit to Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. This week:

  • We recap Logan’s birthday celebrations.
  • We look ahead to how bad next week will be.
  • Why is Monty’s mum the best NPC that TARC has to offer?
  • Logan makes a play for the show’s sponsors.
  • A winner pick is made.
  • Production have been watching HaMerotz again.
  • Michael becomes a casual fan.
  • Find out about Michael’s conversations at dinner.
  • What would be the most awkward cluegiving of all time?
  • Logan namedrops the podcast at parties.
  • Who is the new Ruth-Marie?
  • Which cluegiver is a competition winner?
  • Which popular website is full of bed intruders?
  • Logan compares someone to a groin kick.
  • Michael namedrops Logan’s cousin to customers.
  • A Survivor player is crowned.
  • Where is one team sequestered this year?
  • We discuss TAR Asia news.
  • We pitch a TARC twist.
  • Which rapper has to change his name when visiting the UK?
  • Logan makes more lesbian jokes.
  • A plea is made to get one team to Songify the News.
  • Logan learns about British cities.
  • We display our knowledge of Amazing Race Russia.
  • One team wins all the prizes.
  • Someone is a write-in candidate for Miss World.
  • Find out where Michael was abandoned as a child.
  • And there’s more Pokémon-themed nonsense.

Podcasts should be back to Wednesdays from next week again!


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