Podcast #139 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 7 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s seventh leg and visit to Kingston, Ontario. This week:

  • We discuss more production generosity and speculate wildly about how they should screw with Racers next leg.
  • Someone believes that TARC has gone a little Fort Boyard.
  • Who is the Canadian Homer Simpson?
  • How could the Double Express Pass be made harder to find in Season 5?
  • There’s a link to Amazing Race: All-Stars.
  • We actually mention the new Devon Soltendieck for once.
  • Our respective Toronto visits get compared.
  • We open a feud with one of our blogger friends.
  • One Racer has a surprising connection to a former American winner.
  • A Detour confusion causes a tweet to Jon Montgomery.
  • We discuss obvious edits.
  • The ORG gets another mention, thanks to our dirty tactics.
  • Canada’s government is based entirely on gum.
  • Who is the Canadian Debbie Wanner?
  • F-words for pageant girls.
  • Why one of the eliminees is especially badass.
  • What is the state of play seven legs into the season?
  • We create a Survivor-themed leg.
  • Jane Eyre references impress Logan.
  • We start a hypothetical Monty question list.
  • Just how stupid was the Pit Stop location?
  • Someone commits the most patriotic act on Canadian soil in history.
  • And Logan gets a lesson on previous Amazing Race visits to Cuba in preparation for the next leg.

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