Episode #141 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 8 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s eighth episode and visit to Havana, Cuba. In this episode:

  • We discuss Amazing Race Australia 2, cause Cuba.
  • Someone has Kelowna on the brain.
  • What is the land of backyard canal paddleboarding?
  • Why was Cuba the first Caribbean country that Amazing Race Canada visited?
  • Who is the Nova Scotian Mr Opera?
  • There’s a surprise Survivor appearance at the Detour.
  • Rhythm, Rum or Revolution?
  • Logan has discerning tastes.
  • Someone glistens.
  • What is the worthy successor to Colby’s hat?
  • Our favourite Race alumni return, just to injure themselves.
  • Are there any non-crazy Quebecois teams?
  • Could you use an Express Pass on a conversation?
  • Who left those machetes unattended?
  • We exclusively reveal the upcoming Speed Bump.
  • Why is every episode title lacklustre?
  • Logan is still gullible.
  • Our Pokémon suggestions aren’t farfetch’d anymore.
  • We make plans for Logan’s trip to Europe.
  • Atlantic Canada is boring.
  • Which team needs a tomato thrown at their heads?
  • Michael lays out an impassioned plea to production.
  • Logan takes a seat on the sit-ote bench.
  • One of Logan’s surprising hobbies is revealed.
  • What do people use for contraceptives in Canada?
  • Why would you offer a team help at Final 5?
  • It goes a little bit Clippos Magnificos.
  • What are our endgame predictions?
  • And some home truths explain why Amazing Race Canada will never go to the US.

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