Episode #142: Squinty Lookalikes – Australian Survivor Episode 1 Recap

Our lovable dictators Ben & Michelle are back and recapping Australian Survivor’s first episode. In this episode:

  • Ben & Michelle’s respective histories with Survivor are explained.
  • No-one can understand Des.
  • Ben is the wikipedia of Reality TV.
  • Michelle’s Dad loves meter maids.
  • Someone is protected from being a “Grade-A dirt squirrel”.
  • “Mateship” holds no weight.
  • Michelle never cries for weakness or strength.
  • Who is a squinty lookalike?
  • There’s too many Hunger Games references.
  • Michelle has something called a CD?!
  • Someone gets underestimated.
  • Ben shows off his Brady Bunch knowledge.
  • Someone wants to be more Sandra, less Cydney.
  • Where do injuries rank, from 0 to Kaoh Rong?
  • Australian TV needs intruders.
  • Michelle digs deep to get annoyed at the challenge.
  • We delve into what an ORG is.
  • And one opposing tribe member is called upon when things get a little heated at Tribal Council.

Episode 2 will be released later today!



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