Episode #144 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 9 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s ninth leg and visit to Sydney, Nova Scotia. In this episode:

  • Find out the real reason that Logan is visiting Europe.
  • Normal Maritime service is resumed next week.
  • There’s egregious sponsorship.
  • Two airlines have a turf war.
  • Apathetic Coast Guards appear.
  • Deadpool hunts one Racer.
  • Logan has to pay the piper for his predictions.
  • Logan gets his family’s tartan.
  • Michael spots an Easter Egg (ironically).
  • We pitch for an interview (which Michael will be banned from).
  • Who is the worst sponsor of Big Brother Canada?
  • Amazing Race Canada is terribly sexist.
  • Logan doesn’t expect a Survivor joke.
  • There’s prison-themed fan fiction.
  • Where has Devon Soltendieck been hiding?
  • Blondes get outlawed in Nova Scotia.
  • Would you rather listen to the bagpipes or be waterboarded?
  • One Racer is in the Exorcist.
  • Logan requests an anatomical drawing.
  • We learn about this thing called “mining”.
  • What should the Speed Bump have been?
  • Logan gets the silence that he deserves.
  • And a challenge is issued to the editors.

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