Episode #145 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 10 Recap

Michael & Logan return for the penultimate time this season to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s visit to St John, New Brunswick. This week:

  • Why does New Brunswick suck so much?
  • Where were fans hiding this leg?
  • Why would you give strangers your shoes?
  • Who would come back for All-Stars?
  • Records are broken.
  • We speculate how Monty would react to one of our All-Star choices.
  • Monty becomes a mascot.
  • We celebrate the glorious return of the After the Race special.
  • Someone channels a miserable Pit Stop greeter.
  • Logan makes his first and last ice hockey reference.
  • One former winning team makes a surprise appearance.
  • We talk about Double Battles from around the world.
  • Golf is boring.
  • Are editors leaving us Mole-style clues?
  • Someone (nearly) channels Happy Gilmore.
  • Logan breaks the Double Battle.
  • One Racer joins Survivor.
  • Who is the new Brendan Sheerin?
  • We recast the season, and realise why one type of team could never have been cast on this season.
  • The season gets a major conflict (finally!)
  • Who would have won the Fuel Your Casual Fan Favourite poll?
  • What is the most harrowing task of the season?
  • Why is this season basically Kill Bill?
  • And reluctant winner picks are made.

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