A Very Important Message to Survivor Readers

So I should explain myself.

It has been three weeks since the Gen-X article was released for Millennials vs Gen I still don’t like typing that season title, or at least close. And my few but beloved readers are probably passively wondering where I went. Even when I was cancerous in Kaoh Rong (yet still not in the top 10 most sick in Kaoh Rong) I had a relatively consistent schedule where most weeks I put out an article. Largely that was due to having endless time at the hospital but also largely a working body that was working towards being well. Sad to say that is not what I have at the moment.

On exactly the first of September, and I sound like I am making shit up because this is EXTREME, I went to the hospital for some really bad headaches. And if you guessed “Oh? Headaches? Must be a brain tumor”, congratulations! That’s what I was diagnosed with. The lymphoma came back with a vengeance in my head- some say it never left. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that day. I had brain surgery two days later. And I was out of the hospital in a week.

I am not making this shit up, haha. This sounds like a thing someone with as little life experience as I would make up but I can photograph the scars to prove it. I am recovering pretty quickly- probably due to youth, stubbornness, and not remotely realizing what I have been through. The problem is, however, my right hand is just flat near not working.

This has almost entirely been written with my left hand, though I’ve tried to incorporate my right into writing again. Still, I think it will take longer than my body will allow. Real talk, I have ZERO clue what the future holds as far as physical therapy and chemo and all that shite. I just know that my right hand is repairing at an AGONIZINGLY slow rate. And with that not working and being unable to write with just my left hand… yeah, I’m calling it. I still will talk about Survivor in forums and what have you if you still follow and/or care but I definitely cannot write articles in the near future. I am way sorry about this.

For what it’s worth that not having a clue bit might work in my favor. I mean, it probably won’t be anytime really soon but for all I know I could wake up in week two and my right hand could work beautifully. The opposite could happen, though, and I could sit this whole season out. I don’t feel comfortable declaring anything is the thing, and I would rather wait and see and be spontaneous a bit. The articles are never far from my mind and I could say a lot about this season as it happens. I just don’t think I can physically right now- even this much was a bitch to type.

Hopefully this makes sense. Praying my right hand stops being a little asshole and works goddamn properly again. Regardless, thanks to you for reading this and any other articles I have written. I joke a lot about my readers being a small group but the truth is I don’t care if you’re ten people or ten thousand- you are all brilliant people and I love you immeasurably. Thanks for reading this and thanks for reading my work.



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