Episode #146 – The Amazing Race Canada 4 Finale Recap

Michael, Logan & Ben return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s final episode and visit to Montreal, Quebec. In this episode:

  • Requests for jokes are fulfilled.
  • Ben tries to take the moral high ground.
  • We talk about spoilers again.
  • Amazing Race alumni are watching stuff with us.
  • Everyone should watch Australian Survivor.
  • Why Amazing Race Canada should have gone international for their finale.
  • There’s unenthusiastic promotions.
  • Logan reminisces about TAR US’ visit to Montreal.
  • Canada is only independent from one part of the UK.
  • The Social hosts star in their own version of “Have You Been Paying Attention?”
  • One Racer looks like a Monopoly card.
  • There’s a revolt when jokes are reused.
  • Does Nova Scotia have Chinese people?
  • How would Jeff Probst react to Australian Survivor?
  • Michael does his research for once.
  • Was one sponsor founded before Canada burned down the White House?
  • Ben is old.
  • One suggestion is made for the bank Active Route Info to make it more…French.
  • There’s tenuous questions and terrible cliffhangers.
  • Ben spoils comic books.
  • One Racer should have paid more attention when it Vietnam.
  • Topaz appears in Montreal.
  • There’s the welcome return of a classic impression.
  • We play “Same Name, Different Game”.
  • Ben gets tired of dirty jokes.
  • Logan suspects some sponsor-themed foul play.
  • We rank Final Memory Challenges.
  • Devon Soltendieck’s real identity is exposed.
  • What does Big Brother teach us about sequestering people?
  • Who was a ‘shoe-in’ to lose the season?
  • We provide alternative prizes.
  • The winners need to get a bit more irresponsible.
  • There’s some reunion weave-pulling.
  • How would Aunt Sylvia settle her differences?
  • Ben gives some suggestions for the future of the franchise.
  • There’s praise for the After the Race special.
  • Seasons get ranked.
  • What is Logan’s suitcase code?
  • And we look ahead to the shows that are coming soon from RTV Warriors.



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