Episode #148 – Amazing Race Canada is Supposed to be Good and Fun

Michael & Logan return for this very special podcast, discussing where the Amazing Race Canada franchise stands after four years, and where it can go from here. In this episode:

  • Find out why Amazing Race Canada All-Stars is a potential trainwreck.
  • Whose opinions should you not be basing your franchise off?
  • Why haven’t applications for next year opened yet?
  • Should you ever aspire to copy Amazing Race Vietnam?
  • One team’s bio gets rewritten.
  • We pitch for a UK-Canadian hybrid team twist (again).
  • Are we tryhards and do production try hard?
  • Someone on Amazing Race Canada 4 set a record that we didn’t even notice.
  • Questions get heckled.
  • What is Amazing Race Canada’s identity?
  • Producers get some home truths about some legs’ effort levels.
  • One comment manages to condense fifteen minutes of waffle into two sentences.
  • The Express Pass is still a horrific twist.
  • Is the Fast Forward dead?
  • Production are urged to look east to improve one twist.
  • What should the non-elimination penalty become?
  • Logan accidentally copies Amazing Race China.
  • We play a very special version of Match Game.
  • Is Amazing Race Canada doomed?
  • We ask Production to adapt.
  • And how will Amazing Race US impact Amazing Race Canada’s future?

Thank you for joining us all season, and we’ll see you in a few weeks for Amazing Race Asia!


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