Episode #149 – Hunted Series 2 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Michelle are joined for the first time by new Warrior (and mediocre quizzer) Anthony Williams to launch Your Time on the Run – the Hunted podcast from Reality TV Warriors. In this episode:

  • We rehash the reasons why Logan got The Mole UK cancelled.
  • Why should you go on a daytime quiz show?
  • We talk about Russian adaptations.
  • Just what are the new Hunted rules?
  • What is the difference between Hunted and Wanted?
  • Who wants to stay in a sewer?
  • Where did the rest of the fugitives’ money go?
  • Michael the rubbish cyclist criticises Nick for cycling.
  • What was the most idiotic move of the episode?
  • What is an ethical hacker, and why are they in Portal 2?
  • Password hints are pointless.
  • Boring television wins.
  • What is the correct protocol for being hunted by someone from Mi5?
  • Ashley Callingbull makes a surprise appearance.
  • Lolly has a dog mask.
  • Support networks are stupid.
  • Does Blackpool have any redeeming features?
  • Are you a canal jumper?
  • One team gets a third member.
  • How big are the cameras?
  • And why did the Hunters not catch Kirk & Jez this week?

Episodes will be released on Sundays from now on!


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