Episode #151 – Hunted Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the second episode of Hunted Series 2. In this episode:

  • Why did we see the same pre-credits scene as last week?
  • Who didn’t learn their lesson from last year?
  • What would Michelle do if Australia had its own version of Hunted?
  • Who is getting the elusive UTR in a Hunted Edgic Chart?
  • Michael displays a new accent.
  • Should you ever sell out a fugitive?
  • One team’s performance in this episode makes us wonder if any fugitives will ever live up to them in future?
  • Casual confessions lead to Anthony’s revelation of the most romantic euphemism he’s ever heard for a one night stand.
  • Why should you always hide your Facebook?
  • Anthony uses his Blackpool knowledge to fact-check a car chase.
  • Did the Hunters break the law?
  • What are Hunting Hours?
  • The underappreciated intern at Hunted HQ gets his time to shine.
  • Why was there a cliffhanger last week?
  • How far do you have to go from Blackpool to escape civilisation?
  • How does becoming an amputee affect your psyche?
  • Would the Hunters have *actually* paid the Scottish snitches?
  • Anthony takes offense to the accusations of fakery.
  • Who looks like the sort of person who would visit a Tank Museum?
  • The Canal Inn is well-endorsed.
  • Anthony invokes a Nerd Alert.
  • How will dogs affect the Hunt?
  • And who do we think will be captured next?

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