Episode #152 – The Amazing Race Asia 5 Season Preview

Logan has been thawed out from cryogenic storage, so it’s time to preview Amazing Race Asia 5: The Glorious Wuturn of Allan Wu! In this episode:

  • Why is Allan Wu in Spain and on Arrested Development?
  • Amazing Race Asia is already planning to outdo Amazing Race 24 and Canada.
  • Logan can’t do maths.
  • We talk about visits to Africa, for some reason.
  • Who is the Tara Basro of the podcast?
  • Indonesia is both wonderful and beautiful.
  • Why are there so many mactors?
  • Who would be good at head shaving or twerking tasks?
  • Is Jude Law still a thing?
  • Logan reveals far too much about one team.
  • We talk about The Voice UK.
  • One teams gets brownie points for insulting one of Logan’s least favourite Racers ever.
  • Why is there no age diversity?
  • We play a game of Hobbit or President?
  • No-one likes airline food.
  • Who compares himself to a triple threat?
  • #MalaysianVikings
  • Who appeared in SpaceJam?
  • Someone has oddly specific favourites.
  • One Racer is a reject from TAR28.
  • David Hasselhoff gets cast.
  • Logan tries to jinx it for another one of Michael’s favourite teams.
  • Who has a voice for radio and why is it annoying?
  • Which team tries to be the new Frankie & Amy?
  • What does “banter” really mean?
  • Who follows the PG rules?
    * Someone swallows a thesaurus.
  • We exclusively reveal next season’s prize for Amazing Race Canada.
  • Logan hates Elisha Cuthbert.
  • Whose moustache provides all his paradoxical power?
  • What is the etiquette for a Double Wu-Turn?
  • One Racer compares herself to something very inappropriate.
  • Should you ever trust someone who is “funny” or a “comedian”?
  • Who is the Tina Greene of Amazing Race Asia?
  • What is modern technology in Canada?
  • Jillian Michaels is still a thing.
  • And why has production been copying Amazing Race Latinoamerica?

    Regular podcasts will begin on October 16th.


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