Episode #153 – The Apprentice UK Series 12 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Anthony return to recap the most British of all shows – The Apprentice – and the first episode of its twelfth series. In this episode:

  • What effect has Brexit had on the podcast?
  • We talk WIDM.
  • Should game show contestants consider being angel investors?
  • Who might have had a visit to Dr Leah?
  • One part of Sugar’s spiel on success was slightly inaccurate.
  • Will one person break Reality TV convention?
  • Why was the cast size increased from 14 to 18?
  • Series that revolve around a Battle of the Sexes suck.
  • Which team has been watching too much of the American Apprentice?
  • Why is one team a fan of a cinema chain?
  • What is the one thing stopping Michael signing up for the Apprentice?
  • #SmellWhatSells becomes the new #ReadYourClue
  • Why wake them at 3am?
  • The Ballad of Maggie Mountford and Old Lemonface is sung.
  • One team accepts a 94% loss.
  • Why did the losing Project Manager watch HaMerotz LaMillion?
  • Anthony defends the sausage supremo from unfair criticism by Karren Brady.
  • Everyone needs to rehearse their “Good Morning Lord Sugar”.
  • There’s some You’re Fired insight.
  • And did the fired candidate really have a chance?

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