Episode #154 – Hunted Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap Hunted’s third episode of the year. In this episode:

  • Production have been tipping us off to things that happen before they air.
  • Who gets the Dr Ricky Allen memorial punching bag role?
  • Why should you always pack a diving suit?
  • What was the real reason that Mikaela jumped in the canal last week?
  • Who is getting a winners’ edit?
  • Is someone being misanthropic?
  • Should Hunted go a bit Hunger Games?
  • Why has Twitter been spoiling everything?
  • What relevance to Jon Montgomery and Allan Wu have to why Michael wouldn’t go on Hunted?
  • Why “lonely and needy” applies to more people than you may think.
  • Loose lips sink ships.
  • Why Hunted is better than House of Cards.
  • Why did Lolly need to go even more Bletchley Circle?
  • Why did Nick have to meet up with his friend face-to-face?
  • How did the Hunters get the copy of Nick’s phone call?
  • Why were the German Shepherds so ineffectual?
  • Who is a hidden sponsor?
  • What is Anthony worth?
  • What can Survivor press pictures teach us about Hunted?
  • Never log into Facebook while you’re on the run!
  • Should you ever contact an associate?
  • Anthony critiques PowerPoints.
  • Michelle wonders whether a ghillie suit ejection is necessary.
  • And we lament the loss of another fugitive.

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