Episode #157 – Hunted Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the fourth episode of Hunted’s second series. In this episode:

  • Michael corrects Bleks’ map.
  • We explain how certain parts of the episode are filmed.
  • What exactly happens when a team splits?
  • What are the rules on smoking?
  • One fugitive gets a special message.
  • Michelle talks about omelettes.
  • Have the editors been watching classic TV & Film in the gap between series?
  • Do flowers hide clues?
  • What is a polite way to say someone is lying?
  • Who laps up the OTTP edgic?
  • How could the Hunters clamp down on hitch hiking?
  • Someone displays CSI-style hacking.
  • Does Leeds have alpacas?
  • Hunter Ben records multiple takes.
  • Who has the worst Dragons’ Den pitch ever?
  • Illegal license plates!
  • Hunted goes a bit GTA, leading to an uncomfortable response by Fathers 4 Justice.
  • Bleks has a stunt double.
  • Do all the fugitives have a connection?
  • Michelle is insensitive again.
  • Why has Nick been so successful?
  • The intern is finally named.
  • Anthony stalks the Hunters.
  • Nick can’t do maths.
  • One Hunter lies-cra.
  • A camerawoman is banished.
  • We get a bit self-promotional.
  • Nick Harvey finally gets a mention.
  • Two of last year’s winners leave some grafitti.
  • Hunter Ben goes a bit Cumberbatch.
  • And Michelle makes another pitch for the boys to go on the run.

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