Episode #158 – The Amazing Race Asia 5 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the first episode of The Amazing Race Asia 5: Guess Wu’s Back! In this episode:

  • Logan takes advantage of the lack of censorship.
  • Wu-pologies are made.
  • Someone brings back the early noughties.
  • One US favourite drops by.
  • Logan talks about a sport that Great Britain is good at.
  • Context clues tell us that Eric is Kiwi.
  • RTV Warriors finally gets a slogan.
  • Who is the Indonesian Fonzie?
  • We have a connection to Allan Wu!
  • Who has a customised t-shirt?
  • China Rush did a Mole clue.
  • Monty has been on the Triple Doubles again.
  • Why was the Start Line Elimination particularly disappointing?
  • Someone gets a touching farewell montage.
  • There’s some sloppy edits.
  • Who is Purple Tara?
  • Can Muscle Bros even lift?
  • Puppets are creepy.
  • Kids get neglected.
  • Slapstick comedy is always appreciated.
  • Was the Start Line Elimination rigged?
  • What would HaMerotz LaMillion have done with this leg?
  • The Malaysian Michael Jordan returns.
  • Logan shows off his knowledge of Singapore.
  • And Wu will be eliminated next?

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