Episode #159 – Hunted Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the fifth episode of Hunted’s second series. In this episode:

  • When will we finally see Anna & Elizabeth get chased by a drone?
  • Why did we not see Hamish & Mikaela crash a truck?
  • Anthony leaves his options open.
  • Someone gets a personal helicopter.
  • Anna & Elizabeth take a leaf out of the Amazing Race playbook.
  • Michelle gets pressured into doing Australian Survivor.
  • Yorkshire gets a new nickname.
  • We look ahead to series three and what Hunters won’t be able to get away with.
  • Why would Anthony lend his car out?
  • Have Channel 4 acknowledged us again?
  • Nick has great tactics.
  • Someone is basically Canadian.
  • How one fugitive’s intelligence led to their downfall.
  • How do you win Hunted?
  • Michael explains predictable edits.
  • Michelle nearly took Donald Trump’s bait.
  • Who keeps 116,000 messages?!
  • Anthony tries to get phished.
  • What are the three Ponderosa essentials?
  • Michelle learns about Outdoor Adventure centres.
  • Who was the last person to be leant a rucksack?
  • Michelle requests an impression.
  • One of the Hunters acquires a nickname.
  • Crouching Hunter, Hidden Fugitive.
  • Anthony hates exercise.
  • What is a “vintage inn”?
  • Hunter Julie is UTR.
  • Michael teaches everyone about cigarette boats.
  • And who is the dog that doesn’t bark?

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