Episode #161 – The Apprentice UK Series 12 Episode 3 Recap

Michael & Anthony return to recap the third episode of Apprentice UK’s twelfth series. In this episode:

  • How should Willy Wonka be described?
  • Someone earns a spot on Hunted.
  • Dad puns.
  • Why was Mukai saved?
  • Maple Bacon Fudge.
  • How do you win this challenge?
  • Why does Anthony watch this show?
  • Exasperated Lady Brady.
  • Purple Samuel.
  • Americans try British sweets.
  • Is £32 worth it?
  • The episodes need an advisory warning.
  • Hanging up on your PM.
  • Anthony is basically a famewhore.
  • Jessica forgets to breathe.
  • Sugar is subtle.
  • Rewards are odd.
  • Bad omens.
  • Why bringing an alliance back may be very stupid.
  • Did Sugar make the wrong decision?
  • Barely disguised contempt.
  • Why did we see Grainne this week?
  • And what constitutes Under the Radar for Karthik?

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