Episode #164 – Hunted Series 2 Finale Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return for the final time to recap the last episode of Hunted’s second series. In this episode:

  • Ayo is far more humble than you think.
  • Whose opinion of themselves has changed?
  • Anthony displays a new impression.
  • For the last time, Hunted isn’t fixed!
  • How do rigged phone-ins relate to Hunted?
  • What doomed Anna & Elizabeth?
  • Bleks looks for an acting role.
  • Michelle finds out that the UK has only just got polymer money.
  • We ask for more pre-arranged stuff.
  • Someone’s early wardrobe returns.
  • We give too many tips.
  • Why would you lie to people?
  • The drone scene finally appears!
  • Hunted Will is finally given something to do.
  • Caravan says no.
  • How does Michelle know what a Vauxhall is?
  • Why did the fugitives have to meet up for information?
  • Exactly what were the Hunters told?
  • Anthony gets corrected.
  • One Hunter gets replaced.
  • Michelle learns about harbours.
  • Why did we only see boats?
  • What should the extraction be next year?
  • How did Toddington narrow it down?
  • What is Bleks wearing?
  • Anthony can’t remember the Hunters.
  • One captured team makes it to the extraction point anyway.
  • Even animals try and catch Nick.
  • How did we celebrate the winners?
  • Is there a new rule for the finale?
  • The series gets a post-mortem.
  • And where will Hunted go next year?

Thanks for listening all series, and we’ll be back next year!


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