Episode #171 – The Apprentice UK Series 12 Episode 7 Recap

Michael & Anthony are back once more to recap the seventh episode of the twelfth series of Apprentice UK. In this episode:

  • Is après-wakeboarding a thing?
  • Why is it difficult to live tweet?
  • How do we know that Poole is cold?
  • There’s some terrible Irish accents.
  • Michael defends Karthik for not letting Samuel go high-end.
  • Lord Sugar, Karren & Claude were all miserable.
  • Frances gets some credit for being a good Project Manager…and then a whole lot of criticism.
  • Would Jessica have chosen the pen?
  • Nemo is a trout.
  • It all goes a bit Bullseye.
  • Do people buy speedboats on a whim?
  • A surprising MVP is crowned.
  • There’s some awkward Twitter behaviour.
  • Who will go next time their team loses?
  • One team’s terrible choices finally come back to bite them.
  • Why did Samuel get fired?
  • We tell Lady Brady to simmer down a touch.
  • How could Dillon have reacted better after he was stood up by a customer?
  • Who is a terrible stereotype?
  • Apprentice gets a sponsor.
  • Sugar needs to up his pun game.
  • Karthik gets his dad on.
  • Why did the You’re Fired panel suck up to Samuel?
  • It all goes a bit Logan & Chris.
  • Just how big was this bloodbath?
  • What was Karthik actually doing in this task?
  • Who would come back for The Apprentice: All-Stars?
  • Why does everyone try and break Sugar’s Code of Silence?
  • Michael calls for blood.
  • And who will be fired next?

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