Episode #182 – Hunted US Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the second episode of Hunted US’ first season. In this episode:

  • Why was there a one-hour premiere then a double-episode?
  • We’ve had some awkward cast interactions.
  • CBS Cliffhangers.
  • There’s a deeply predictable couple of references.
  • Why are so many people from Atlanta?
  • It all goes a bit French Mole.
  • How many TAR recruits are there?
  • Is Buck a real name?
  • Does the UK have home invasions?
  • Production have no timeline etiquette.
  • How is the edit spoiling us?
  • Michael asks for a job.
  • Michelle is heartless.
  • Should you get a burner phone?
  • Michael was a huge baby.
  • Who is the George Foreman of Hunted?
  • What do you do with a liability?
  • Can fugitives separate?
  • One fugitive gets a new nickname.
  • How do you tell a kayak & a canoe apart?
  • Why are the US public so helpful?
  • Was there a risk of a crocodile or alligator attack?
  • One team use a tactic that we advocated.
  • How does Mail Monitoring work in the US?
  • Michael gloats.
  • We talk filenames.
  • Michelle should go on Australian Survivor.
  • Anthony is a GoPro nerd.
  • Badly designed wanted posters.
  • Michelle’s film night takes a wild turn.
  • Which came first – the Hunter or the Fugitive?
  • We search Michelle’s Facebook and search history.
  • Who actually sold out Troy & Chele?
  • Who gets the MVP award?
  • And who will be caught next?

2 responses to “Episode #182 – Hunted US Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

  1. American listener chiming in here. The Hunter team names are literally “A, B, C.” They’re using the military phonetic alphabet “Alpha, Baker, Charlie,” etc. “Echo” is just what comes between “Delta” & “Foxtrot.”

    “Buck” is not a particularly uncommon name in parts of the US. It’s usually, but not always, a nickname instead of a given name. (But then, there are parts of the American south where “Bubba” could be a given name.) US vs. UK English sometimes trips me up: is “buck” not used for male deer in the UK? “Stag” of course is the other term, but “8-point buck” or “10-point buck” is common hunter parlance over here. So “Buck” is meant to be a manly sobriquet.

    Very much enjoying the Hunted podcasts!


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