Episode #184 – Hunted US Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony are back once more to recap the fourth episode of CBS’ new smash hit – Hunted. In this episode:

  • Does Australia have Taco Bell?
  • Did the advert actually spoil anything?
  • Anthony spots patterns.
  • Michael has a theory.
  • Reddit teaches us things.
  • Someone didn’t read the rules.
  • Are all psychics gypsies?
  • One team is very stupid.
  • Gold Command is finally proven.
  • We ask for a rule clarification.
  • Which team will be the final ones caught?
  • We spitball a tactic for future fugitives.
  • The unsung heroes of production finally get mentioned.
  • One Hunter is fast becoming everyone’s favourite.
  • Who is the real hero?
  • Sherlock is up to his old tricks.
  • We ask for an exchange programme.
  • What would happen if a team was too good?
  • Michelle doesn’t understand maiden names.
  • One fugitive gets a new nickname.
  • One Hunter team makes everything very confusing.
  • Did the captured team get Thu cocky?
  • Who takes a selfie with a DSLR?
  • How do you pronounce Vidalia?
  • One team’s tactic sounds a little bit serial killer.
  • Why did someone say “Skinny Pedal to the Right”?
  • Everyone needs to be a little bit less cooperative.
  • We finally answer a question we had preseason.
  • What will Lee’s big risk be?
  • And Michelle & Anthony play a quiz.

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