Episode #185 – Hunted US Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Michael, Michelle & Anthony are back to recap the fifth episode of Hunted US’ first season. In this episode:

  • Why have our podcast recordings this season been so long?
  • Michelle needs an address book.
  • Michael makes an apology.
  • What were the unaired ways to overwhelm David & Emiley’s senses?
  • We compare edits.
  • Dexter Morgan appears.
  • Michelle falls asleep.
  • What if the Hunters find David & Emiley’s burner phone?
  • Anthony finally warms up to one team.
  • It all gets very convenient.
  • Michelle still disagrees with Theresa.
  • There’s a lot of UK connections.
  • We pick apart the most ridiculously cocky move in Hunted history.
  • One team gets the most blatant winners’ edit ever.
  • What are the rules on teams flying somewhere?
  • Michelle never barters and then gets angry.
  • Why did we see Aarif & Immad be nice?
  • How will Pennywise & Henry VIII get caught?
  • Sherlock skypes Amber.
  • We steal Logan’s Funniest Complaints blog for one week only.
  • Someone is worse at lying than Photographer Rob.
  • Using mosques is very clever.
  • A rule is inadvertently clarified.
  • Why have we seen so much self-driving?
  • One Hunter keeps repeating herself.
  • There’s some typically understated chat about Lee & Hilmar’s move.
  • What are the top five Hunted moves ever?
  • Michael says the word “balls” a bit too much.
  • What was Sherlock’s first text upon returning to the UK?
  • One team have some startling comparisons to UK winners.
  • After so much love all season, the editors make a complete MESS of one crucial scene.
  • Oprah picks the MVP.
  • We discuss the Facebook reaction to this week’s episode.
  • Michael talks to idiots.
  • We find out why you should befriend a man called John Smith.
  • Everyone’s chances get ranked.
  • And do the previews reveal our Final Two teams?

One response to “Episode #185 – Hunted US Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

  1. Update on the rules and face-recognition at the ATM – I’ve heard that the teams must make two withdrawals themselves from the ATMs during the escape, but that other people can make the remaining withdrawals for them – so it wasn’t that he was being stupid to do it himself, but it also did make sense for Command to check the face.

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