Episode #188 – Butt-Skyping with the Wolves 

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return for the final time this season to talk to everyone’s favourite team from the US season of Hunted – Lee & Hilmar (with added Beth!). In this episode:
• Where is Griff right now?
• We talk about our mutual love of Flat Cap Charlie and eulogise his bunny.
• Is Hunted really slanted for the Hunters?
• Why was Buck being punished?
• How close were the Hunters behind Lee & Hilmar?
• Was the Old Woman at the airport a spy?
• What food would Lee & Hilmar have been caught because of?
• What lesson did Dr Ricky Allen teach them?
• How has Hilmar got a pilot friend?
• Is the camera a hinderance?
• Just how much of a social game is Hunted?
• What other Craigslist ads didn’t make it?
• Griff is old and leathery.
• Where did the contents of Hilmar’s apartment go?
• Is there a different attitude to the Hunters in the US than in the UK?
• Are Lee & Hilmar bad influences on kids?
• Would Michelle be good at Hunted?
• Were they required to contact friends & family?
• Beth gets ambushed.
• Do they have a friend who slashes tyres?
• What was the biggest test of Lee’s marriage?
• Can the Hunters stop planes?
• What did Griff buy them as a gift?
• What did Beth tell Lee before they left?
• Beth ends up being the best spy they could have asked for.
• How useful was the email system?
• Could they have just hidden for 28 days?
• We finally get the dolphin story!
• We think about Sherlock and his mental health.
• Lee defies some advice we gave last week.
• Michelle stabs us in the back.
• Why did Topher have loose lips?
• Could they have split up?
• Should there have been only one extraction point?
• What web series do we need for Season 2?
• Does fairness come into the show?
• What show should they go on next?
• Hilmar just wants to escape.
• Did they watch the UK Hunted before going on the run?
• Can Sherlock ever stop chasing people?
• We talk wigs.
• And how should the US Hunted season have ended?


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