Episode #191 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 2 Recap

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return again to recap the second episode of Amazing Race 29. In this episode:

  • Why were there gifs of Michelle on Twitter on Friday?
  • We finally dissect the intro.
  • How are production improving things?
  • Should you play nice on Leg 2?
  • Someone needs the awkward conch.
  • Which detour should you pick?
  • Michelle teaches us how to play a drum.
  • We talk about Redmond’s hat.
  • We right a wrong.
  • Michelle laughs at people falling over.
  • One team goes a bit Dutch Mole.
  • Michael makes a contrast.
  • Matt goes a bit stereotypical.
  • Who were the MVPs of the episode?
  • Two Racers earn new nicknames.
  • Left-handed people finally get the credit that they deserve.
  • Michelle goes on a royal tangent.
  • Three words may hint at next week’s result.
  • Why do CBS hashtag everything?
  • We show a rare bit of sympathy.
  • Should there have been a Non-Elimination leg this week?
  • We give a lesson on anatomy.
  • Why was Shamir in pain?
  • Is it good karma to mislead another team?
  • Anthony finally reveals his hashtag for Matt & Redmond.
  • Phil gets angry.
  • How did Jessie & Francesca fall so far behind?
  • And we predict what happens next week.

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