Episode #192 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 3 Recap

Michael & Logan return to recap the third episode of Amazing Race 29. In this episode:

  • Logan gets blindsided.
  • Why don’t all-female teams work in the US?
  • Who is the anti-Buster?
  • Logan is the new Brad Culpepper.
  • Why does this season feel old school?
  • What does Shamir bring to the season?
  • We celebrate two successful campaigns.
  • Phil gets fact checked.
  • The US finally looks North.
  • Where does the word “quiche” come from?
  • Someone’s gone invisible.
  • There’s a little bit of HaMerotz discussion.
  • One Racer wasn’t found at a taco stand.
  • We create a new game to play with one Racer.
  • Why was there a pre-detour U-Turn?
  • What is the most vomit-friendly season?
  • One Racer makes it awkward.
  • Logan is predictable.
  • What are the three words or phrases of Swahili that Michael knows?
  • Is education a priority?
  • A brand new impression goes a bit Terminator.
  • We brainstorm the replacement for our Amazing Race Canada coverage this year.
  • Michael steals a joke.
  • There’s a surprising amount of London moments.
  • Why is TAR airing so late at night this season?
  • Why did Tara & Joey get no backlash for their U-Turn?
  • What is the best subplot of the season?
  • Phil is a troll.
  • Has a sneaky rule change been implemented?
  • Does Phil hate Shamir?
  • We lament the loss of a front running team.
  • And who will be eliminated next?

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