Episode #193 – The Amazing Race 29 Episodes 4 & 5 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the fourth and fifth episodes of Amazing Race 29. In this episode:

  • Michelle forgot it was two episodes.
  • Scheduling is weird.
  • Phil seems to think he’s Jeff Probst.
  • When was the last Blind Double U-Turn?
  • One of the Route Markers was significant.
  • Logan spots a massive clue.
  • Phil is influenced by a Racer.
  • A Harry Potter conversation becomes a challenger for the stupidest tangent ever.
  • Michelle contradicts herself.
  • Would we have given away the spare key?
  • What is “side eye” code for?
  • How would Michelle get on with Shamir?
  • We learn about a rival to Deputy Minister Patana’s crown.
  • Did Ice T make a cameo?
  • Logan’s imagination gets a bit dark.
  • Why did one team’s exit nearly become even more humiliating?
  • Shamir gets blanked.
  • Next Time comes a lot quicker than normal.
  • We hate the episode titles.
  • Logan tells a dad joke.
  • How many U-Turns will there be?
  • We talk surströmming.
  • Why is Oslo like Miami?
  • For some reason, Logan references the non-canon Lion King sequels.
  • Who is the Donkey of the Race?
  • Michelle tells a vomit story.
  • Who does Logan wish did the Fast Forward?
  • Did a HaMerotz-style punishment happen?
  • There’s a dramatic reading of a scene from an alternative timeline.
  • We call out a liar.
  • The Fast Forward breaks a record.
  • Michelle is a pyromaniac.
  • Why did we pray for a Roadblock mistake?
  • Who is the Ric Flair of Amazing Race.
  • The Detour is confusing.
  • Logan is lupine.
  • One team has already forgotten leg 1.
  • We compare place names.
  • We finally find an impression that Logan isn’t catastrophically bad at.
  • Why did Tara not trust the lure?
  • Which way is North?
  • Someone gives out some ironic criticism.
  • Should Trolls have gone more comic book?
  • Was it a good idea to drive to the Pit Stop?
  • The Detour goes Charmed.
  • There’s a classic CBS cliffhanger.
  • Who will be U-Turned and Eliminated next week?
  • And we discuss sneaky Keep on Racings.

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