Episode #194 – The Amazing Race 29 Episode 6 Recap

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the sixth episode of Amazing Race 29 and its visit to Lake Como, Italy. In this episode:

  • Who is the Vanck & Ashton of the podcast?
  • What should we do for Podcast #200?
  • What is the state of play halfway through the season?
  • Logan tries to do maths quickly.
  • We suggest a YouTube how-to that one Racer can create.
  • There’s a twist brought back from Season 26.
  • There’s some more CBS fakery!
  • Sara gets a friend.
  • The Fast Forward goes Canadian.
  • What is the Australian for “jackass”?
  • No-one can identify Logan’s impressions.
  • Why is there so much U-Turn vitriol?
  • Michael has been watching secret scenes.
  • Michelle is really mean.
  • We pull apart someone’s bio again.
  • Logan’s Europe trip didn’t go a bit Mole 2.
  • Why is the US drinking age 21?
  • Where is the world’s longest tram line?
  • Where should TAR 30 go?
  • What could be Tara & Joey’s downfall
  • Who is the real villain of the season?
  • We give a shoutout to There’s Something About Mary.
  • There’s the promise of a face cream remix.
  • Des’ree makes an appearance.
  • One Racer goes Spielburg.
  • Michelle’s husband is a boat guy.
  • Logan tries to teach us about Argentina.
  • One team gets a new storyline.
  • Why were Vanck & Ashton targeted?
  • We cross over to our pregnancy correspondent.
  • We talk exit interviews.
  • How far behind were Vanck & Ashton?
  • Will next week be a non-elimination leg?
  • We demonstrate our rap knowledge.
  • And who will (not) be eliminated next?

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